Qualification of science and technology:

                  1、The company has two core technologies of independent development: visual system + motion control system.

                  2、Strong scientific and technological qualifications, 10 software copyright, 16 invention patents and 20 utility model patents.
                  3、The perfect technical team is refined into professional and technical personnel, such as R & D department, product department, manufacturing department, quality department and so on.

                  4、Rich industry experience, advanced industry technology, mature industry products, rapid response ability, high-end customizing ability, perfect after sale   system.

Technical support:
                  1、Pre sales technical support: in the case of product problems that can't be solved in sales, the technical support of the pre sale will give the customer help, solve the question, and confirm the demand.

                  2、After sales technical support: help customers diagnose and solve technical problems that may be caused by products in the process of using products, improve products themselves, improve customer efficiency and reduce customer costs.
                  3、A variety of technical support methods: telephone technical support, home service technology support, and so on, with "the shortest time to solve customer problems" as the ultimate goal.